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My Goal

I want to make sure you are comfortable and you are heard. I want to make sure I deliver the special moment and portrait you will want to have and share with everyone. I take pride in creating beautiful and thoughtful images that create a story and a memory that will last a lifetime. Let's make your moment special and your portrait memorable!

About Me


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Hello! My name is Breanna Elizabeth, and I am a Portrait and Event Photographer from Napa Valley, Ca. My photography journey began with my first college course and the rest became history. I started off capturing landscape images and then began taking portraits of friends and then family. My love and appreciation for photography grew from then on. A few of my interests outside of photography include:

1)Wine Tasting...(I prefer Cabernet!)

2)Hiking - Exploring New Areas

3)Reading Inspirational Novels

4)Movie Binging

5)Shopping...Tons of Shopping!

6)Going to Giants Games! Let's Go Giants!!!

Napa Valley, Bay Area, San Diego

Tel: 707-418-8451

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